Style Parties

Style Junky PartiesOur style parties are about groups of friends getting together and shopping in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

This could be in your home – after the kids are in bed and the men have been sent out for the evening – you provide a space, the friends and perhaps a drink and a nibble or two, and we provide everything else. The latest trends and the expert tips all come to you.

Alternatively, you could host your own party in our StyleJunky showroom. Book the date, invite your friends and we’re all yours for the evening. All of the fun but with none of the cleaning up afterwards!

Either way, we’ll be on hand to offer advice on what looks best for you and all of your friends. The stress and sore feet from traipsing up and down the high street will be a thing of the past!

And as the host of one of our parties, you’ll also get a gorgeous selection of free clothes to choose from. It just gets better!