If I was to truly start at the beginning, then Stylejunky Boutique’s story probably began whilst in the womb of a very glamorous Italian woman being photographed in Albert Square, Manchester, by the Manchester Evening News in the very early 1970’s, for wearing hot pants and platforms.

My Mamma. The original style blogger.

She fed me Marie Claire and Elle instead of Enid Blyton, and I guess the rest is history.

Having worked on all sides of the fashion fence since my late teens, friends advised me one drunken stormy Winters’ night in North Wales, that I should put all my fashion passion and 30 plus years of experience into one big bucket and start doing something for myself.

I loved clothes. I loved fashion. And above all I loved seeing women look good.

There was a huge gap on the high street: it was a choice between Zara, but take the risk of seeing a million other people in the same frock as you; or Selfridges and get a second mortgage to afford one pair of shoes.

So I started to search, scour, trawl, seek, and hunt and ‘oh boy’ did-I-most-definitely-find!

New finds, designer inspired pieces, on-trend styles - but perfectly age appropriate! - stylish but affordable, flattering and above all: comfortable.

My philosophy about clothes is that they need to be wearable. They need to be versatile. They need to make you feel good about yourself. You should feel confident and empowered. Whether it’s a jeans-and-sweat-top kind of day, or a walk-into-the-room-and-knock-‘em-dead kind of night. They need to be practical, enabling you to go through your daily lives looking and feeling great.

And so SJB was born. The clue is in the name.

The boutique is our haven. A shoppers paradise. A little hidden gem. A club. A place where women can try on clothes to their heart’s content, without feeling the pressure of having to buy. We have made friends for life, them telling us how many compliments they’d received by simply wearing our clothes.

We have also now put personal styling into the digital world, giving you, our lovely Stylejunkies, the opportunity at last to be able to shop our wares online.

Browse. Scroll. And Enjoy

Sacha x